Dating Tips For People Living With Hearing Loss


Wanting to go on a date is very natural for individuals who are ready to find love. You get to know someone and see if you are an excellent match for each other. You exchange texts and calls often, as well as plan what you’ll do on your next date. When your feelings become mutual, you may then decide to make things official and go off the market.

The problem is that, for many individuals who live with hearing loss, going through the first step of dating may already be too dreadful of a task for them. Carrying this invisible disability, after all, entails that you always have to disclose the condition to whomever you meet instead of merely letting them see it for themselves. That cannot be easy for everyone, primarily when you need to wait for the other person’s reaction to the news.

Nevertheless, in case you don’t want to be single anymore, heed the following dating tips that we prepared for you.

  1. Make Friends At The Beginning

When you come across someone likable, you do not need to ask him or her out on a date and try to form a romantic relationship with that person at once. The first thing you should remember to do is to befriend whomever you think maybe your significant other in the future. By doing so, he or she has time to see that your hearing loss does not make you less lovable.

  1. Be Truthful About Your Case

Assuming you are going straight into the dating scene, you ought to tell your date on your initial meeting or conversation that you have issues with your aural faculty. The reason why you want to do that now than later is to figure out if he or she is cool with it or not. In case the person still wishes to know you more, you are in luck. If the opposite happens, then at least you found out before your feelings got involved.

  1. Answer Your Date’s Questions Regarding Hearing Loss

Some open-minded people who have never met anyone with hearing loss may inquire about your condition before they contemplate whether you should move forward together or separately. You should see that as a positive sign since he or she is not rejecting you right away. Thus, it will be best to answer his or her questions as detailed as can be.

  1. Find A Way To Communicate Better

You and your date should also find a way to communicate with one another. It is effortless to text – that is true – but that will only work if you are not face-to-face. Depending on what level your hearing loss may be in, you may be able to speak as well. However, if the damage in your aural faculty is quite severe – and things are becoming serious between the two of you – he or she may be okay with learning sign language for you.

  1. Don’t Settle For Just Anyone

Dating when you have hearing loss does not mean that you cannot be picky when it comes to whom you will go out with. Some folks with a disability, after all, are quick to assume that they should at least be glad that somebody wants to meet them, regardless if that person happens to be jobless or have bad breath. The truth is that you don’t ever have to do that – you merely have to collect and then select the best one of the bunch later.


Final Thoughts

Finding someone special to love and receive love from despite not being able to hear well or at all is not impossible. Many people with hearing loss are married to a person with zero disability as we speak. Nonetheless, you need to smart about your actions so that you don’t end up with a broken heart.

Good luck!

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