4 Signs Of Hearing Loss You Should Know About

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There is no hiding from the fact that all our senses will decline as we age. If you used to be able to slip a thread through the tiny hole of a needle easily in your 20s, you most likely need to squint or ask another person to do it for you. In case your sense of touch was once so sharp that you would feel if someone flicks a balled-up paper at you, perhaps you may not even feel it immediately when you get a splinter from wood or a prick from the thorny plants.

The thing is, one of the earliest faculties to get damaged is your hearing. While you enjoy dancing in nightclubs and partying till the morning, the nerve cells in the cochlea may already be suffering due to it. The more you put your earphones or headphones on blast as well, the faster you may become deafer than a senior citizen.

In case you are doubtful about the adverse effects of loud music and other noises to your ears, you should check if you have these signs of hearing loss now.

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  1. Someone Standing Nearby Has To Shout To Get Your Attention

Among the first indications that your aural faculty may be at risk is that you cannot hear when a friend or a family member calls you from a distance. It is likely due to your inability to distinguish voices from noises, mainly when you are in a public place. In case they have something important to tell you, they need to tap your shoulder or stand in front of you to catch their attention.

  1. You Cannot Understand Discussions With A Noisy Background

During events wherein music and the chatter of the crowd mix together, it may be tough for you to follow any conversation that takes place at your table. You are with the same group physically, yet your mind usually gets distracted by the sounds surrounding you. Hence, if someone asks for your opinion on a particular matter, you might often look at everyone with dazed eyes or request for them to repeat the question.

  1. It’s A Challenge For You To Perceive What Someone Says If You Can’t See Them

Trying to speak with you from another room, regardless of how thin the walls are that separate you and the speaker, is futile. You tend to keep on saying “What? What?” since the sentences that the person are voicing out sound garbled in your ears. At some point, he or she may end up texting you instead of exhausting their vocal cords.

  1. The Volume Of Your Devices Need To Be On High At All Times

Lastly, you may not enjoy watching Netflix or listening to your favorite songs if the sound is at a regular range. To others, that volume may be close to their limit. To you, however, it seems more like the characters or singers are whispering; that’s why you want to raise the noise level further.

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In Conclusion

The signs of hearing loss are more common than we realize. It may start with your inability to hear someone calling you even though he or she only stands a few meters away from you. When you get a message notification while your phone is in the pocket, and the person sitting nearby has to tell you about it, that’s an indication too. Worse, it can get to the point in which everything and everyone has to be in high pitch before you manage to understand what they are saying.

Assuming that is a real-life scenario you never want to be in, you should then learn to lower the volume of your music players and video games and lessen your attendance to gatherings where loud music often plays. Good luck!

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