How Hearing Loss Patients Benefited From The 2015 New York Deafhood Workshop

When the 2015 New York Deafhood Workshop occurred, I volunteered to usher the guests to and from various parts of the vast conference hall. At one point, I was helping a group of young kids find the art section where a painting session was taking place. It also became my job that day to sort out the names of the hearing loss patients and guardians that wanted to perform or participate in the games we prepared.

Although there was no opportunity for me to volunteer again in a similar function due to my busy schedule, the experience was more than enough to make me realize why people with hearing problems enjoy attending specialized workshops.


1. They Can Forget Their Disability For A While

The primary reason for holding such an event is to honor our deaf brothers and sisters. Outside the conference hall, after all, it’s no secret that some of them have become victims of bullying and discriminations. Others find it challenging to keep up with non-disabled folks and sometimes fall into depression because of it. Fortunately, when they attend a workshop that’s mainly for them, their worries tend to dissipate, and they feel a sense of belonging.

2. They Get To Showcase Their Talents

Living with hearing loss does not entail that you can’t have an incredible skill to show to the world. In reality, there are singers, pianists, and other artistic people who are either born deaf or developed the condition post-accident. If they are too shy to showcase their talent in public, they can at least start by performing at conventions for the deaf.


3. They Can Look For Inspiration To Excel

It is typical for the event’s organizers to allocate an hour or two during the day to present a remarkable person who knows what the hearing loss patients are going through. That may be a celebrity, a politician, or even a medical professional who did not let the deafness control theirĀ fate. The more the disabled individuals listen to them, therefore, the more they may want to reach for their dreams.


If you have never attended a similar workshop before, now is the time to do so. Find out when the next event in your city will be and sign up as a volunteer there. Good luck!

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